Talisman/Tabeez For Marriage


A Talisman is an Object or Yantra that holds Extremely Powerful magical properties that bring good luck to the possessor or protect the possessor from evil or harm. It has Extremely Powerful Magic which has Power to Make your wish True. We are very proud to say that our Gurudev Shri Bhaghamber Maharaj has done kind favour by giving this unique Powerful Vidhya/Siddhi which would help people to Make his/her wishes true, keep evil’s away, can make you get well soon, can help you in growing business & can make you away from lots of problems which can not be described. All Talisman/Tabeez is handmade by Ashtagandh, Rose water, Saffron by Pen of Pomegranate & Jasmine Stick on white Papper & Bhojpatra. It works by wearing in Hand, Neck or by keeping in Front Pocket..

Our Gurudev says that the Talisman/Tabeez will work as umbrella in Raining weather.

Note: Product Image is not Exact Image of Talisman. Exact Talisman/Tabeez Image is different …


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