Shri Ramcharitmanas Path



We are providing “Akhand Ramcharitmanas Path” recitation 24 HOURS LIVE on Behalf of you in Shriram Janam Bhoomi AYODHYA on the bank of River Saryu on behalf of you online.!!

Shivji’s grace is also obtained from the recitation of Ramcharitmanas. Before recitation, one must worship Lord Shiva. Due to this the recitation of Manas will be particularly beneficial. Akhand Ramayan Path is the recital of Ramcharit manas continuously without stopping for 24 hours, it is performed with Bhajans and Kirtans praising the Lord Shri Ram and his life teachings to get the blessings and peaceful life.

This whole epic of Ramcharitmanas is further branched into seven chapters known as Kaands whose names are as below :
Baal Kaand
Ayodhya Kaand
Aranya Kaand
Kishkindha Kaand
Lanka Kaand
Uttar Kaand

For providing Peace, Prosperity & Happiness in the family.
For prevention from unknown and unexpected harms and dangers especially regarding the health.
For creating a very Pious and Divine Atmosphere at a place.
For paying homage and tributes to Lord Rama on various occasions especially on Rama Navami which is considered as the Day of Birth of Lord Rama as per Hindu Mythology.


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