Shatchandi Mahayagya


Immense powers are available from this Mahayagya, the enemy cannot see even by lifting eyes.The mother killed the demons in the form of Mahakali, whose description is described in the book Shri Durga Saptashati in the Markadeya Purana. Reciting Shri Durga Saptashati 108 times is called Shatchandipath Mahayagya, reciting 1000 times is called Sahasrachandi Mahayagya and reciting one lakh times is called Lakshyachandi Mahayagya… Maa Durga is called the goddess of power. goes . The Yagya which is performed to please Durga ji is called Shatchandi Yagya. Navchandi Yagya is described as very powerful in Sanatan Dharma. The condition of the disturbed planets can be corrected by this yagya and good luck starts supporting you after this method. After this Yagya one can feel himself in a blissful environment. It has even been said in the Vedas about its glory that after the Shatchandi Yagya, your enemies cannot harm you. Human life is blessed by dedicating this yagya to Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Navagraha and Nava Durga (Goddess). The Yagya is performed by a learned Brahmin, because 700 verses are recited in it, which can only be done by an accomplished Brahmin. Nav Chandi Yagya is an extraordinary, very powerful and big Yagya, which brings immense grace to the Mother Goddess. It comes in many places in Sanatan history that in the olden times, gods and demons used to use this yagya continuously to become strong and energetic. The person who performs the Shatchandi Path Mahayagya should be a Brahmin scholar, who can pronounce the text correctly, so that benefits can be obtained.


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