Durga Shaptshati Paath


Durga Shaptshati Paath

Our Durga Shaptshati Paath will eliminate all your fear. Get rid of the stress caused due to anxiety by our Mantra dedicated to Goddess Durga, which helps devotees acquire energy and strength in difficult conditions.

We are Providing ONLINE LIVE Durga Shaptshati Path for devotee who are not able to do the same from there places.. Our Live Shaptshati Path provides you same power & strength ..!!

Reaciting Durga Saptashati Path in Navratri is particularly fruitful. The mantras written in it not only protect you from various diseases, but this recitation of Durga Saptashati proves to be especially fruitful for you. Apart from this, devotees recite Saptashati throughout the year and please the Mother Goddess and get her blessings. At the same time, according to the experts, the sadhana of every goddess and the Saptashati recitation every day of the week has its own importance and according to the war, its recitation is said to give different results.


Sadhana of Shakti Navdurga: 1. Shailputri Sadhana- Fulfillment of material and spiritual desires. 2. Brahmacharini Sadhana – Achievement of victory and health. 3. Chandraghanta Sadhana- To get rid of sin-heat and obstacles. 4. Kushmanda Sadhana – attainment of age, fame, strength and opulence. 5. Skanda Sadhana – Freedom from frustration, discord and hatred. 6. Katyayani Sadhana – attainment of Dharma, Kama and Moksha and destroyer of fear. 7. Kalratri Sadhana- fulfillment of desires related to business / employment / service. 8. Mahagauri Sadhana – For your favorite life partner and early marriage. 9. Siddhidatri Sadhana- Siddha and desire fulfillment in all sadhnas.


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